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Order is Process Manually Provide correct info Transaction Reference / TrxID (if you send it through coinbase contact with them to get hash id) and DO NOT CONTACT US

VIP Include partial of (anything in website) : . Amatuer . DG . Gollum and MasterMo . RealGirls . Ruben . . Travelvids
Doesn’t Include OnlyFans . SiteRip

This package gives you 270 VIP points which equals at least 3 months of VIP access.
You do not have to use points for every album. Pick which albums you like to prolong access.

Benefits of VIP
MEGA links to free site posts. Skip the downloads and import to your own mega account instantly.
Access to VIP posts. The hottest and rarest amateur content. Daily updates
Access to VIP user submissions. Free smaller sets.
Ability to requets onlyfans rips
More features coming soon.

Do points expire?
Points do not expire.

  1. RickyBobby69

    Didn’t work

    • admin

      what do you mean didnt work?

  2. coreistacks

    What u mean, it didn’t work ?

  3. js1441237

    Bought it, and shows I have 0 points

    • admin

      you already spend some point now you have 261

  4. Bramsham

    Bought but didn’t get points

    • admin

      you already spend some point now you have 246

  5. Alex

    I bought some but it’s not updating on my account !

    • admin

      you already spend some point

  6. Tvault927

    Admin, I just bought VIP Access but don’t see the points added. Could you please add them. Thanks!

    • admin

      you have 270 point

  7. mikeike67 (verified owner)

    i bought vip. how to i see all the 58 + ruben sets?

    • admin

      buy ruben collection

  8. mikeike67 (verified owner)

    i thought it was access to pick from all collections. In the post it says Access to VIP posts. The hottest and rarest amateur content. Thats the only reason why i bought it instead

  9. Misfitactual1

    Didn’t work. No points added to my account 72 hours after purchase, contacted support and they are claiming I’m trying to scam them after I gave THEM money. Just add my points man.

    • admin

      you already make order with different email and you get point and you are using it

  10. Misfitactual1

    These guys are scammers. I made one account and within 10 minutes made the purchase on this one single account and they wont give me my points. I am not using their services because my account has no credits on it to use their services and they are lying and stealing the money I gave them. DO NOT BUY they are thieves.

    • admin

      you already make order with different account and give you point now i’m asking both account info to provided which one is real but you are refusing nice try to scam us

  11. js1441237 (verified owner)

    Hi I bought statewins package a long time ago a never received anything and I bought vip points today just waiting for admin to add them.

    • admin

      hi you receive it check your email and already say Order is Process Manually and DO NOT CONTACT US but you people stupidity is another level

  12. Liee_9 (verified owner)

    Fucked up my order – wrote them – got my points… you would not expect that

    • admin

      Dude are retarded or what?! You have 271 point you order is completed check your email man what wrong with you?

  13. treftref (verified owner)

    Thanks, admin approved it real fast. Wondering where the “Access to VIP posts” and “Access to VIP user submissions” area is?

    • admin

      each post have vip section

  14. zyxwboy117

    Hey I just bought this on two different emails. I didn’t create an account and it won’t let me change my password. I tried having my password reset 3 times but it won’t send a link. Can an admin email me so I can change my password?

    • admin

      you bought one time and you get your points and being used you have 249 point now

  15. ilikegirlsuw

    How long does it take the receive the points?

    • admin

      Transaction Reference / TrxID is wrong find correct one make order put it there
      do not put random shit

  16. Alex (verified owner)

    Purchased this a couple hours ago but it hasn’t updated on my account

    • admin

      dude just wait already said Order is Process Manually and DO NOT CONTACT US what wrong with you people?!

  17. jackmay395

    Where’s my points?

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